Guitar setup and repairs in Sheffield


If you’re wondering “where can I find a guitar repair shop near me?” then you’ve come to the right place! Finale Guitar is Sheffield’s best priced place for guitar repairs. We can offer a comprehensive range of guitar setup and repair services including:

  • Restrings – give your guitar that fresh new feeling and bright new tone with a set of new strings
  • Guitar set up service – tame your unplayable beast with a lower action, lighter strings, intonation correction etc- all tailored to your needs as a player
  • Guitar neck correction – improve the action and make your guitar easier to play
  • Bone saddle and nut building – improve the sustain and tuning stability of your guitar 
  • Electrical repairs, pickup upgrades/replacements etc.
  • Fret leveling and complete re-frets
  • …And much much more.

We also offer custom builds, refinishing and relicing services. You can find out more about these on our dedicated custom builds page.

Steve Hulme, guitar technician at Finale Guitar, SheffieldSteve Hulme, guitar technician at Finale Guitar, Sheffield



We understand that your guitar is your baby and for advanced repairs and modifications you only want to entrust it to the best and most experienced craftspeople around! Our in-store guitar technician Steve Hulme is a consummate professional with the best part of 40 years of experience. All of our guitar repairs are completed quickly, efficiently and to an extremely high standard.

Steve has a Higher National Diploma in Sound and Professional Video and has previously taught at Darnall Music Factory and worked as a music and performing arts technician at Norton College. He began working as a sound engineer over 40 years ago and quickly developed an interest in guitar maintenance and repair which has now become a full time career. He’s also a fantastic bassist, playing with Led Zeppelina, Hungarian Lanterns and The Bloody Marys as well as repairing, renovating and restoring guitars for us here at Finale Guitar! If your guitar is in need of a service or setup then it’s in safe hands.


Guitar amplifier and electrical equipment repair

We have a dedicated team of local amp and pedal repair technicians who will be very happy to help repair your damaged electricals if you drop them in to the shop. We also work with Analog Audio and Studio 57 to be able to offer a huge range of custom mods and advanced restoration and repairs of vintage electronic equipment.


Custom instrument builds

For custom instrument builds, we are proud to work with Theo Parmakis, a professional instrument builder and luthier. Theo studied at Newark School of Violin Making and Repair, builds violins and repairs guitars, mandolins and banjos. As a musician as well as an instrument maker, he has a first hand understanding of how much difference a well adjusted instrument can make to the player. He also teaches the banjo and as a programmer, he has created several web-based tools for musicians (including his very helpful chord generator tool without which Nye would never have completed his first book). We also work with Malcolm Griffiths of Sheaf Guitars who is a fantastic builder of beautiful guitars and ukuleles and a wealth of knowledge on instrument design and modification!


Here are some further examples of Theo’s work:

Hand built violin by Sheffield luthier Theo Parmakis

Hand built violin by Sheffield luthier Theo Parmakis

Theo Parmakis, Sheffield guitar luthier- setup and repair

The master at work!

Sheffield acoustic guitar refret by local guitar luthier

A completed acoustic guitar neck refret

Sheffield Guitar Repair - luthier near me

Restoring a very old mandolin

Violin repair by Theo Parmakis - Sheffield Luthier

A violin in its early stages







Local luthiers in Sheffield

We also have an extensive network of local luthiers and instrument builders who we work with to offer a wide variety of custom instrument builds. No matter how obscure your project might be we’ll almost definitely be able to assemble a crack team to tackle it, so get in touch!


For further information on pricing or to book your instrument in for an appraisal please contact us today.