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1What ages do you teach?
I generally teach ages 8+ as I find that children under this age struggle to cope with the level of abstraction demanded to learn songs (and only have little fingers!). That being said I will happily play musical games with younger children in order to begin to train their ears and prepare them for learning the guitar (or another instrument) at a later date and in some cases teach younger children who show a special aptitude for the instrument. If you feel that your child is ready to learn then by all means contact me for a free trial session and we can see how they get on.
2 When are you open for business?
I am available to teach between the hours of 11am – 8pm Monday to Friday. I try to avoid working on weekends as I am usually gigging and do have to sleep sometimes, but MAY be able to fit you in for a Saturday or Sunday lesson if you are really not available at any other time.
3Do you teach complete beginners?
Yes absolutely! The majority of guitar students are complete beginners, so you won't be the first or the last person to turn up with no knowledge of music whatsoever! I can even lend you a guitar if you are just starting out and want to be sure that the instrument is for you before you invest in an instrument of your own.
4Do you teach left handers?
Yes, if anything teaching lefties is actually easier because their hands are a perfect mirror image of mine. This makes it simpler to translate the shapes of chords, scales etc onto the student's fretboard.
5Do you teach music theory?
Yes. I am very interested in the roots of music theory and can teach you everything from how Pythagorus discovered the major scale to how to construct a minor major seventh flat nine sharp thirteen chord (and even why you might want to). We could also discuss why the structure of your brain makes those combinations of frequencies make you feel a certain way or at what point in history they were first invented.
1Can you teach other instruments?
I can teach ukelele, bass guitar, mandolin and tenor banjo (Irish style). For anything else, I work in partnership with lots of other excellent music teachers in the Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Chesterfield areas so will be very pleased to help you find a suitable teacher for the instrument and style that you wish to learn.
2Does your studio have parking?
Yes, my studio has its very own parking space on Cherry Street, just round the corner from Sandwich Corner. I don't drive so you are welcome to park their during your lessons or while waiting for a student.
3Is the studio still accessible on match days?
Shoreham Street is sometimes closed if there is a particularly big match on. However you can still get to the studio by driving down Queen's Road, right at the traffic lights opposite Big Yellow Self Storage and right again to arrive at the far end of Shoreham Street.
4Is the studio wheelchair friendly?
The studio is on two stories. I generally teach upstairs but can easily relocate to accommodate wheelchair users! The downstairs area is fully wheelchair accessible but I'm sad to say that there is a step up to the toilet and it is too small to fit disabled access bars. If you would prefer I can travel to you or provide lessons over Skype or similar online video chat service. Visit the pricing page for further info.