Finale guitar, the friendly guitar shop, is based in Woodseats. We buy and sell instruments and offer the very best prices on guitars, ukuleles and accessories available in Sheffield. We also offer repairs, guitar lessons, ukulele lessons and music theory and composition coaching. The shop can be found at 621 Chesterfield Road, S8 0RX and is open every day except Wednesday from 10am – 5pm.

The shop also has a very relaxing waiting area with tea, coffee etc so that you can wait for your lesson or your loved ones in comfort.

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  • Our new shop is now open up in Woodseats! Stop by for guitars, ukuleles, amps, pedals, free tea and coffee and lots lots more. 621 Chesterfield Road, S8 0RX
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I am a friendly, experienced and enthusiastic guitar and ukulele teacher and have been based in Sheffield since 2012. I offer tailor made courses of guitar, bass, ukulele, music theory, song-writing and composition lessons, in order to help students gain the skills they need to enjoy playing and composing as much as I do! I started teaching guitar in Sheffield because I love every aspect of music. Gigging, teaching, jamming, composing, writing songs... I've never found any other way to have so much fun! As well as playing, I am fascinated by how much richer our emotional lives can be made by the simple act of playing and listening to music. I love to delve into the physics and neuro-physiological factors which make music making such a vital part of our lives and am proud to be able to share my knowledge and passion! Sheffield has a rich and vibrant musical community, and I have built strong links with local recording studios, producers and engineers so I can direct you toward other like-minded musicians, jam groups etc. I also produce digital music and have recorded and mixed live bands, so if you would like guidance in composing, recording and producing your own music then I can help. It's never too early or late to start learning and the first lesson is FREE so call 07722088131, email info@finaleguitar.com or get in touch using the button below. Remember... Life is more fun when you pluck, pick or strum!

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