We sell a mixture of new and second hand instruments ranging from complete beginner level right up to vintage, advanced and highly sought after guitars. Our focus is primarily on second hand stock where we feel we can offer the best value for playability and long term investment value to our customers. We do also offer a wide range of new instruments and unlike most retailers we set them all up in store before offering them for sale. We will be very happy to alter the setup of your chosen instrument to suit your playing requirements and barring any major modifications we will not charge for this service.

Our repairs are carried out by our reliable, experienced and very knowledgeable guitar technician Steve. We operate a flat rate pricing structure of £20 per hour plus parts. You can find out more about setup and repair options by clicking here.

If you would like to learn to play a stringed instrument then please visit our sister company Finale Music School (just across the road!) where we offer lessons in guitar, violin, banjo, mandolin, brass, piano, drums and lots more!